Beech 55 Baron

Cruising speeds:
225 mph at 75 percent power (2450 rpm) at 7,000 feet
220 mph at 65 percent power (2450 rpm) at 10,500 feet

1,225 miles range (45% power, 10,000 ft., 140 gal.)
(Includes full allowance for fuel used during warm-up, taxi, take-off and climb to altitude with a 45-minute fuel reserve at maximum-range speed)

Rate of climb at sea level (rated power)
1,700 fpm, two engines at 4,880 lbs
340 fpm, single engine at 4,880 lbs
455 fpm, single engine at 4,500 lbs
660 fpm, single engine at 4,000 lbs

Service ceiling (rated power)
20,000 ft, two engines at 4,880 lbs
7,600 ft, single engine at 4,500 lbs
10,850 ft, single engine at 4,000 lbs

76 mph stall speed (zero thrust), flaps 28 deg. down

910 ft take off distance (20 deg. flaps) ground run
At sea level, zero wind, standard temperature)

1,175 ft landing distance (28 deg. flaps) grond run

Garmin GMA340 Audio Panel
2 each Garmin GNS430 NAV COM GPS
Garmin GI106A NAV 2 Idnicator
King KI204 VOR ILS Co-Pilot
Garmin GTX330 Transponder S
King KR87 ADF with RMI
King KN62A DME
King ED461 EHSI (Electronic HSI)
King SG465 Symbol Generator
King KSG105 Directional Gyro
AIM289-4M3 Copilot Slaved Directional Gyro
AIM254-11-A Flux Detector
King KA51B Slaving Accessory
King KMT112 Flux Detector
ARC40910 Slaving Meter
Castleberry 305-2BI Pilot DC Attitude Gyro
Ameri King AK-350 Alticoder
Winter Slip Indicator
WX1000+ Stormscope
Marathon PC50 Inverter 1
ARC DV20B Inverter 2
B703IFW Inverter Failure Light
King KA33-01 Cooling Blower
Mitchell Century IIIB Autopilot
S-TEC ST-360 Altitude Preselect/Alerter
Roll, Pitch and Trim Servos
Turn Coordinator
King KA118 and King KA57 Autopilot Adapters
ST-500 AC/DC Converter
P324R 24 Volts Alternator
R25400 Voltage Regulators
Kannad 406AF Compact ELT
Hand Microphone


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